WIMS Fund My Project [WFMP] teaches you Entrepreneural Skills!

Empowering Women Globally

Grow WIMS Internationally: Yes

Empower Women Globally: Yes

Eliminate unemployment: Yes

75% Micro-project Funding: Yes

Solve lack of quick funding for micro-projects: Yes

Boost WIM Token WIMT: Yes

Our realistic targets

Payouts >100%
Security >85%
Support 24/7 >80%
Avoid Scamming 80%
About Fund My Project

Here is truth that no one can deny: which is the majority of micro-projects like poultry, carpentry, renovations, children-transportation especially in growing economies of Africa, Asia and so on, do lack quick and unconditional small funding.

(Reasons always given are: "These do not qualify", "these are not viable", but the truth is all businesses have ups and downs and need to be tried and nurtured).

This always widens the gap between the poor and the rich, leading to all sorts of crimes.

Fund My Project is one of WIMS projects(https://www.wims.io) : micro-projects. It aims at creating a sustainable flow of funds needed by anyone , anywhere, quickly, systematically and fairly.

What is WIMS? Women In Move Solutions Pty Ltd is a South African registered company working with women and men with a gender affirmative effort to redress gender economic and business inbalances using technologies.

We believe access to project funding is a universal right of each and every conceived project. This if respected and implemented consistently will fuel growth of SMEs, reduce employment and eventually eliminate poverty.

Read more on WIMS' white paper found at https://www.wims.io.

If you share the same values and beliefs with us you can also join WIMS by registering for other lucrative WIMS activities at http://wims.io/marketing/.

Register today and work hard to change the world.

Our support staff will be available 24/7 to help you. Join our groups to learn and share with others. Read our terms and conditions and also follow our rules before joining.


We will give members the following services:

24/7 Support

We use chat, emails and groups for communication and to support our members at all times.


we will guards against non-committed members by putting fines.


We help new members by giving them correct information, learn our rules and follow procedures.

How to use this platform

Read the steps and details.


1. Register & Confirm Email

Register with username, email and mobile number. A confirmation link will be emailed to you. Login to your email and click the confirmation link. Before you confirm the email link, enter your mobile number for the second time, read and sign the contract and confirm your email.

2. Login

a) Using your username and password, login to our website.
b) If you have forgotten your password click the Forgot Password.
Enter your email in the forgot password box and submit. Go to your email and click a reset password link.
FICA - KYC/AML(International Requirements). You do this only once for all WIMS activities to come.
After registering, complete your user profile details. Upload (a)id/passport, (b)current proof of residence, (c)selfie with ID/Passport with Note written WIMS Fund My Project

3. Create a project

To get your project listed and to qualify for a possible 100% funding, you need to fund one which is already advertised. Say you need to buy a machine R3500, you need to have a deposit of R1750. This deposit(R1750) funds Referenced ID project and is also listed as candidate for funding.
In creating your project have these at hand:
- reference number of project you want to support.
- your deposit, which is 50% of the project you want to sponsor.
- duration in days to specify how long your advert must be listed.You can renew if it expires.

4. WIMS Bank Details and Verifications

You should receive your project reference number and WIMS bank account within 5 hours as an sms/email. Login to your account and check that it is a correct bank account. Call the peer whose mobile number is on the payment order and verify he/she is the one. She/He should have an sms/email notification informing her/him to expect payment.

5. Upload proof of payment & get Confirmed

Upload proof of payment and get confirmed.

6. Confirm Payment Quickly

When you receive the sms/email that you will be paid for your project confirm also quickly.

7. Getting Referrals

It is your duty to promote your advert and get referrals who will fund it not WIMS's duty.
However, if there are people who do not have referrals they will be allocated to advertised/listed project
on a first come first serve project listing.

8. Project Referral Links

If you have more than one projects, then distribute all your links to get them funded.
If your project is not funded within expected time, recruit and no one will do it for you
because we are busy upgrading and making the system work for you.
Out of all costs we only take 25% and you receive 75%.
So work hard, be always positive and spread good news.

9. What we expect.

-Read Fund My Project requirements & rules.
-When funding other projects, use money you can afford to lose. You are doing this freely, willingly and knowing how this Fund My Project works.
-Only 18 years and older are allowed.


These videos will help you know how to use WFMP. After watching like the video to promote our projects.

1. What is wims fund my project

2. How to register at wfmp

3 What to prepare to register at wfmp.

3. b. How to register wims members

4. How to complete a registration form at wfmp

5. Your wfmp account features

6. How to update profile at wfmp

7. How to create or update bank details at WIMS Fund My Project

8. How to create and sponsor project